Camping Krapec

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The campsite is located in the northernmost part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 2 km north of the village of Krapec. It can be reached by asphalted road, passing through the center of the village and from there 2 km more. Going north you reach this heavenly, untouched place. The area is pristine and beautiful, and in the forest everyone finds coolness in the summer heat. The vast beach in front of the campsite is a place for rest, relaxation and all kinds of sports – traditional and extreme.

Krapec-Durankulak Bay is called the Paradise of Black Sea Surfers! Due to its specific geographical conditions, it is the perfect place for surfing and kite surfing and is visited by thousands and thousands of surfers almost all year round.

300 places for tents, 100 places for campers and caravans, 5 types of bungalows

7 kilometers of golden sand

Fully equipped spaces for your family barbecue

Perfect conditions for surfing, kite surfing and sports fields

Day bar, restaurant and fresh market

Constant access to hot water and electricity


Looking east and north, one sees nothing but an emerald sea and an endless golden sandy strip. This is as the beaches of Krapec and Durankulak combine and form a vast sandy horizon that merges with the sea. The beach area is wild, as if untouched by human footsteps, more than 7 kilometers long and in places reaching 400 meters wide. The beach has the most numerous and pristine dunes on the North Black Sea coast and falls within the boundaries of Natura 2000, as a protected area and reserve. This is one of the most beautiful and pristine places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Everyone who has tasted the atmosphere of the paradise beach Krapec feels the freedom, hears the blows of the waves and the sea breeze, whispering freedom and boundless pleasure of senses and feelings!

Protected by law, as a reserve and an important part of NATURA 2000, the coastline of Krapec-Durankulak is the only completely pristine place that remains on our Black Sea coast. That is why we appeal and beg most heartily everyone who visited this heavenly place, to preserve nature and to experience their wonderful moments in complete harmony with it!
Thank you !!!

Bar Sunrise

The bar is famous as a hub for the best parties and is a gathering place for all smiling, fresh and positive people.  The iconic bar will welcome you with smiling staff, cool tents, umbrellas and sun beds.  During the day the bar is like a shady oasis, and for the summer nights in July and August it guarantees you parties and big party surprises!

Dozens of impromptu concerts and happenings take place on the summer Broadway stage, and in the first week of August our traditional art festival takes place.  On the stage of our summer cinema, every night you can experience memorable moments with a glass of cool drink in your hand and embraced with your loved ones!

Food & Mood

Irresistible delicacies and fish specialties, freshly prepared home-made and organic food, fresh garden vegetables, fresh fruit from the country garden, freshly picked watermelons and melons from our bush, unforgettable taste of peppers and tomatoes, fresh salads with freshly picked vegetables from the country garden. Homemade brandy, iced draft beer and refreshments!

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Regulations for visitors and guests of camping Krapec

 Upon check-in, the client receives: an entrance card, which must be available at all times, a tent card, which must be hung in a prominent place on the tent and a sticker with the number of the place to be affixed to the car.  The cards and the sticker are handed over at the reception upon departure, and at the same time the client receives his bill for his stay.

 Changes in the data of the entrance card are NOT ALLOWED!  Any change (departure or arrival of a person, car visitor or guest) is announced at the reception in a timely manner and a new card is issued with the current data.

 The cars of the guests in Camping Krapec are parked in the specially designated parking lots.  Each place is explicitly indicated by the camping staff and each guest is obliged to respect it.

 Visits by guests must be ordered in advance at the reception.  The cars of the visitors are NOT ALLOWED on the territory of the camping. The parking lots are intended only for the guests of camping Krapec.

 It is forbidden to take a place in the campsite with tents, cars, campers and caravans, beyond what is explicitly specified by you!

 On the day of departure, no later than 12.00.  You must vacate your seat and head to the reception for check-out.  On the day of departure, customers have the opportunity to stay on the campsite until 17.00 (later check-out), paying for an additional stay equal to 1/2 of the standard.  At the reception of the campsite you have the opportunity to find out, and our information board will provide you with all the information and will prepare you for your unforgettable vacation!

 Help us preserve nature !!!

 Let us be modern, educated and responsible to nature personalities!


 DO NOT throw your butts and all other unnecessary items on the sand, dunes and in the campsite.  PLEASE use specially placed garbage containers to take care of the waste you leave behind as little as possible.

 With their caring and responsible behaviour, each of us helps to improve the quality of your vacation and contributes to nature conservation and waste reduction.

 THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being part of our initiative to reduce the amount of waste dumped and preserve the beautiful nature !!!

 With a single purpose, to protect the priceless nature and the cool forest, we inform you that lighting a fire on any occasion in the campsite and on the beach is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN !!!  Please use for your convenience and complete culinary experience, specially built places for a magical summer barbecue.




 On the territory of the whole Camping Krapec pets are welcome and we are happy to be their hospitable hosts.  But we would like to remind you that they are only allowed in open areas.  That is why we most strongly remind you that pets are NOT ALLOWED in the bungalows and CANNOT ENTER.  Pets are allowed in the tents, campers and caravans of our guests, but their owner has an UNCONDITIONAL COMMITMENT to take care of them and not to disturb the visitors of Camping Krapets!  We believe and strictly require our guests to take care of the needs of their pets and to thoroughly clean up after them, in a way that each part of the campsite is crystal clear, as it always is!


  As modern and civilised individuals, we are all aware that the use of common areas (toilet, bathroom, etc.) by pets is, to put it mildly, UNCONSCIOUS, and according to the rules created by the Krapec camping team, this is strictly FORBIDDEN!

 Please use your vehicles ONLY for compelling reasons and urgent need.

 In this way, our holiday is COMPLETE and WONDERFUL!

 The permissible speed on the whole territory of camping Krapec is 5 km / h.  The use of horns, sound and light signals from your vehicles is NOT PERMITTED.

 Listening to music and noise from the TV and your gaming and entertainment devices is only allowed so much that the volume does not bother the rest of the campsite.  The relocation of the camping facilities (tables, chairs, sun beds, umbrellas, etc.) is done ONLY by the staff of camping Krapec.  It is forbidden to use electricity for tents, caravans and campers to power stoves, hobs, ovens, air conditioners or heaters !!!


 Your moments for rest are:

 00: 00-08: 00,

 15: 00-17: 00.


 Upon entering the campsite, each visitor automatically agrees to accept and strictly comply with the terms of these rules.