Camping Krapec

Campsite situated on an area of ​​39 acres was built in the late 60s and early 70s of the 20th century with 120 bungalows, large grocery and household goods, restaurant and disco. In 2015 began a phased restoration of camping in its original form. Repaired 40 bungalows and three bathrooms with baths and toilets. There are conditions for deployment of tents, campers and caravans and binding them to water and electricity and internet. Currently the camping site has 180 seats for tents, 50 seats for campers and 40 bungalows. The campsite is located in the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is located 2 km. north of Krapec. The area is very beautiful, and the forest is cool each of the warm weather. The beach in front of the campsite is a place for recreation, relaxation and all sorts of sports activities. The main focus of course is otadeden surfing and kite-surfing-place for which they have just created.


Beach bar
Hot water 24 hours a day
Mini market
Resorts barbecue
Sports fields



Upon arrival your client receives: an entrance card which must be available at any time, card tent, to be hung in a prominent place of the tent and a sticker with the number of the place to be stuck on the car. Cards and stickers are transmitted to the reception desk at the departure to issue an invoice with the bill.

We do not accept any changes to the data of the input card. Any change (departure or arrival of man, car, etc.) Stated at the reception promptly and issue a new card with new data.

Cars parked customers of special parking spaces to be provided by employees.

Visits are allowed only if requested at reception. The cars of visitors can be parked in the parking lot of the camping only if there are vacancies.

It is forbidden to occupy a place of camping outside of what you indicated by employees.

On the day of departure until 12.00. must make way to pay the bill. The client can remain at the campsite until 17:00. At the reception the campsite has a message board where all information is attached on the functioning of the campsite and its divisions (portal, safe, mini market, etc.).

Help keep the place clean! Do not throw cigarette butts and other objects on the sand and in the campsite. Everywhere has placed bins for waste.

The campsite is situated in the forest and it is forbidden to light a fire on any occasion as the campsite and on the beach. It is allowed only Designated barbecue.

No pets are allowed in the bungalows. Pets are allowed in tents, campers and caravans if they are tied and if their owner cares not disturbing the other customers and collect their droppings. The use of common areas (toilet, bathroom, etc.) Of pets.

Do not use in camping cars or bikes without compelling reason!

The speed limit in the campsite is 5 km / h. The use of horn at the campsite.

Listening to radio, television, music and more. It permitted only if the volume does not bother other customers campsite.

It is prohibited to transfer the facilities of the camping (tables, chairs, lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc.) From where they are placed. The use of electricity for ovens, hobs, ovens, air-conditioners.

Rest hours: 00: 00-08: 00 15: 00-17: 00.

Entering and staying in the camping means under the terms of these Rules.